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The Lightsview properties are irrigated with recycled stormwater supplied by Lightsview ReWater, with this water also used in houses for toilet flushing and garden watering.

Initiated in collaboration with the developer (PEET) and the South Australian Government’s Urban Development Agency (Renewal SA), Lightsview ReWater treats and reticulates recycled stormwater which is sourced from a local council’s stormwater harvesting scheme.

By using recycled stormwater, the Lightsview development reduces the demand on the River Murray which supplies Adelaide’s drinking water. Once fully developed, Lightsview ReWater will supply over 300ML/annum of recycled stormwater to the development, which is 300ML per annum of water not taken from the River Murray, one of Australia’s most valuable water resources.

Who is Lightsview ReWater?

Lightsview ReWater is a privately owned and operated water utility company responsible for the supply of ReWater to homes and reserves in and around Lightsview. Lightsview ReWater is regulated under the Water Industry Act 2012 (SA) and holds a Water Retail Licence issued by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (‘ESCOSA’). Compliance with technical standards is regulated by the Office of the Technical Regulator (‘OTR’) whilst compliance with Lightsview ReWater’s Water Retail Licence and customer pricing is regulated by ESCOSA. Lightsview ReWater is a member of the Energy and Water Ombudsman of South Australia scheme (‘EWOSA’).

What does Lightsview ReWater do?

Lightsview ReWater is responsible for obtaining untreated stormwater, storage of the untreated stormwater, treatment of the stormwater and pumping the treated stormwater around Lightsview. In addition, Lightsview ReWater is responsible for the ongoing operation, maintenance and replenishment of the Lightsview ReWater Distribution Network consisting of the pipelines and pumping station.

Why did the Property Developer charge an upfront ReWater Fee?

This was to make a contribution towards the building of the ReWater pipe network to connect every property. The alternative was that each property would be required to have a rainwater tank and/or sewerage treatment system. PEET elected, and the Planning Authorities agreed, to implement one comprehensive water solution to avoid each property having the inconvenience of these additional facilities and it was cheaper for each property to be part of the ReWater system. Lightsview ReWater does not charge any customer a fee for the initial construction of the ReWater distribution network. Ongoing water charges to customers are only for the supply and use of ReWater for around your home.

What is the Lightsview ReWater pipe network?

The Lightsview ReWater pipe network is the distinctive lilac (purple) coloured pipe system leading up to the ReWater meter located on the boundary of each dwelling and housing block. The lilac pipe system is independent of the drinking water pipe system.