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If the following requirements have been met, the process to connect your property to the Lightsview ReWater network can commence:

  • The SA Water potable (drinking water) meter has been connected to your property; and
  • Your property has passed the 2nd fix stage of construction.

The steps to connect your property to the Lightsview ReWater network are:

Create a Lightsview ReWater Account

Contact the Lightsview ReWater office on 08 7999 8555 or at and provide the following information. This can be done by the property owner or the builder (if you have provided your approval):

  • Property address
  • Attach a completed customer details form – a link is available below
  • Details of your request
  • Confirmation that the SA water meter is connected
  • Confirmation that the property has passed 2nd fix
  • If the property is for sale, details of the expected settlement date, as it is a requirement for settlement to occur.
Arrange a Pre-Check

A Pre-Check will take place at the property to ensure all the requirements have been met prior to booking in the installation, this is a visual assessment of the infrastructure. We do not require anyone to be at the property for the pre-check. Once the pre-check requirements are confirmed we can then go ahead and book you in for your meter installation.

Have a ReWater Meter Installed

Once the pre-check is completed our plumber will contact you directly to arrange an installation time. Someone will need to be at the property for the installation to occur and a cross-connection separation test will take place. If this test is failed the Plumber will advise the contact onsite of required repairs and the connection process will start again. If the audit is passed the contact onsite will be notified that the connection is completed.

Please allow up to 21 business days for a meter to be installed and operational. This will provide adequate time for your plumber to attend to any necessary plumbing required and our operations team to verify fittings and install the meter. If any of the pre-check conditions have not been satisfied this may delay the process.