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Customer Service Charter

Our standard Customer Service Charter details your rights and obligations as a customer when you receive a service from us and Lightsview ReWater's rights, obligations and customer commitments.

Lightsview Pricing Policy Statement

The Lightsview Recycled Water Services Pricing Policy sets out the pricing structure for recycled water services ensuring the long term sustainability of supply of the service to retail customers and demonstrates compliance with the National Water Initiative (NWI) pricing principles.

The Price List sets out the fees and charges associated with the sale and supply of recycled water in accordance with the Standard Customer Sales Contract.

Standard Customer Sales Contract

The Standard Customer Sales Contract sets out the terms on which we supply recycled water retail services to our retail customers in accordance with the Water Industry Act 2012 (SA) (referred to as the Act). These standard terms and conditions are published in accordance with section 36 of the Act. These standard terms and conditions came into force on 1 July 2015 and, are binding on us and our retail customers. The Standard Customer Sales Contract does not have to be signed to be binding.


Lightsview ReWater is committed to assisting our customers who are experiencing financial hardship, to manage their payments in a manner that best suits the customer, and ensuring they remain connected to our service.

Customer Enquiry, Complaint and Dispute Resolution Process

This document should be read in conjunction with Lightsview ReWater's Customer Charter and outlines Lightsview ReWater's customer enquiry, complaints and dispute resolution process detailing the requirements for recording, managing and responding to complaints, enquiries and escalations which are received by Lightsview ReWater.


Lightsview ReWater recognises that the privacy of your personal information is important to you and is committed to respecting its obligations to protect the privacy of the personal information of individuals with whom it deals in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.