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Lightsview Rewater is:

Environmentally responsible

Sourced from captured and treated stormwater runoff

Safe to use

ReWater is treated and monitored to meet the highest quality standards


Use of ReWater may reduce your overall water bill.

ReWater is a term used to describe a piped supply of recycled or reclaimed water such as harvested stormwater or treated wastewater, and includes non-potable water that is reclaimed, recycled or reused.

This may include recycled stormwater, recycled effluent, native groundwater or any combination of these. It may also include any combination of ReWater with drinking water or rainwater. While safe to use, ReWater is NOT considered suitable for drinking and is generally used for purposes such as irrigation and industrial process water.

By taking up ReWater you will be helping to reduce Adelaide’s demand from the River Murray, as well as its requirement for desalinated water. You’ll also be demonstrating environmental responsibility in the process.

Where does Lightsview ReWater come from?

The ReWater supplied to Lightsview is of exceptionally high quality, as it is sourced from stormwater runoff, captured in wetlands and stored in underground aquifers before being pumped to Lightsview.

Wetlands are nature’s way of cleaning polluted water, however further treatment is provided by injection of the water into aquifers which exist underneath the Adelaide Plains. Here the water is further filtered, while the darkness effectively kills off any bacteria that might be present. Cleaned and purified by these natural processes, ReWater is then pumped to a storage tank located under the tennis courts at Lightsview. Water in this tank is continuously disinfected prior to entering the pipe network.

How can I use ReWater in my house?

As a condition of Lightsview's commitment to sustainable development, every home has an additional plumbing system to enable connection and use of recycled water for toilet flushing and outside uses like garden irrigation and car washing.

Purple pipes and fittings for ReWater are provided at the boundary of each home and housing block, a system which is completely independent of the SA Water's potable (drinking water) mains supply.

Why should I use ReWater?

A condition of your home and/or land purchase at Lightsview is the take-up of ReWater. In doing so, you will be demonstrating environmental responsibility and helping to reduce Adelaide’s demand from the River Murray as well as its requirement for desalinated water.

In general terms, around 40% of water used in most homes is for non-potable purposes, and this is where ReWater will have a tangible impact.

How can I be assured ReWater is safe?

ReWater is completely safe provided it is used strictly for the purposes outlined on this website, namely toilet flushing, garden irrigation, car washing and other outside needs. It can, however, cause slight discolouration to certain types of marble because it contains naturally occurring salts picked up while the water is stored underground. Caution should be exercised in using this water where marble is present.

What can reWater be used for?

It is suitable for:

  • Watering lawns, parks and gardens
    (including fruit trees, vegetables and flowering plants)
  • Flushing toilets
  • Washing cars
  • Water features or ornamental ponds with no fish
    (Note – As is the case with drinking water, reWater is disinfected by a low level chlorination process which may be harmful to fish. Tablets to remove traces of chlorine are available from aquarium suppliers and should be used before fish are released into ponds.)

It is not suitable for:

  • Drinking
  • Cooking
    (or other kitchen purposes such as rinsing vegetables)
  • Personal hygiene purposes
    (including baths, showers, hand basins or bidet)
  • Indoor cleaning
  • Recreational activities involving water
    (including children playing under sprinklers)
  • Washing pets
  • Clothes washing or use in washing machines
  • Evaporative coolers and air conditioners
  • Swimming pools and spas