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  • When you are selling your property, you will need to notify us at least 10 business days prior to settlement occurring, so that we can attend to necessary adjustment processes prior to settlement. This process will generally be handled by your conveyancer.
  • A final meter read fee will be applied to your closing account. This fee can be found on the Lightsview Price List.
  • All charges up to the settlement date will be passed on to the vendor and all charges incurred after settlement date will the passed onto the new owner.
  • Please notify us of your settlement on 08 7999 8555 or email
  • Please refer to the Update your Details section for information on updating your account.


  • If you have purchased a property in Lightsview, you can contact us to find out if the property is connected to the Lightsview ReWater network.
  • If you have purchased a property that is yet to be built or is not currently connected, please refer to the Connecting your Service section which details the steps required.
  • If you are starting construction of a new property, it is important that your house is properly plumbed to enable the reWater connection to be safely made. Your builder or plumber should be aware of the requirements if you advise them that your property is being connected to ReWater. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us.
  • Please refer to the Update your Details section for information on updating your account.


Property Owner

If your property is being tenanted and you have a property manager, we can arrange to forward invoices directly to the property manager for payment. Please send your request through to and include the following information:

  • Customer ID
  • Property manager name
  • Email address
  • Contact name
  • Details of request. For example, email invoices to property manager directly.

Please note as the property owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your account details are up to date and your account is paid by the due date.


If you are the tenant and would like to know more about the recycled water system, you may refer to the About Us section on this website. If you still have any questions or concerns please contact the property owner/property manager who may assist you with any questions. If your concerns have not been answered you may contact our office on 08 7999 8555 or at and please specify the property address and that you are the tenant.