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Checking for a leak

Leaks are not always visible or easy to identify, so here are some simple steps to follow to assess if there is a leak at your property:

  • Looking around your property for dampness or puddles
  • Check your toilet isn’t running or is leaking
  • Take a picture of the reading on the water meter
  • Leave property for a period of time and upon your return take another picture of the reading on the meter
  • Call a plumber to conduct further investigation (any plumber fees will be at the customer's expense)

Meter relocation

To arrange for your meter to be relocated please contact our office on 08 7999 8555 or at If sending this request via email please include the following information:

  • Property Address
  • Customer ID
  • Details of the request – include any pictures if relevant

Our operations team will inspect the site and organise a quote for the work. If you accept the quote you will be issued with an invoice. Please note payment is required prior to the works commencing.